The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. Vogue. 1894.

An Imperial Message” by Franz Kafka. 1917.

The Appointment in Samarra” as told by W. Somerset Maugham. 1933.

Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid. The New Yorker. June 1978.

A Story About the Body” by Robert Hass. 1997. (Prose poem.)

55 Miles to the Gas Pump” by Annie Proulx. Close Range: Wyoming Stories. 1999.


Spring Melt” by Gay Degani. Every Day Fiction. June 2008.

Let X” by Chad Simpson. Winner of the 2008 Esquire Napkin Fiction Contest. August 2008.

Darren is Updating His Facebook Status” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley. Every Day Fiction. October 2008.

The Prisoner” by Craig Morgan Teicher. Virginia Quarterly Review. Winter 2008.

Ethics” by Ravi Mangla. PANK. May 2009.

Little Girls” by Tara Laskowski. SmokeLong Quarterly. September 2009. Featured in Flash Fiction International. W.W. Norton: 2015.

I Met Loss the Other Day” by Cara Blue Adams. The Kenyon Review. Winter 2009. Winner of the 2008 Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest.

Snow” by Kathy Fish. Originally appeared in New South, around 2010. Featured in her collection Together We Can Bury It. The Lit Pub: 2015.

Seven Items In Jason Reynolds’ Jacket Pocket, Two Days After His Suicide, As Found By His Eight-Year-Old Brother, Grady” by Robert Swartwood. PANK. April 2010. Runner-up for the 2011 Micro Award.

Captain Quasar and the ‘If Only’ Elixir of Opsanus Tau Prime” by Milo James Fowler. Every Day Fiction. August 2010.

Mad Libs” by Randall Brown. Used Furniture Review. December 2010.

Up, Up and Away” by Art Taylor. SmokeLong Quarterly. December 2010.

Certainty” by Aubrey Hirsch. PANK. June 2011. Second place winner in 2012 Micro Award.

On Becoming Women” by Cynthia Larsen. SmokeLong Quarterly. June 2011.

Flowers for Clockwork Street” by Jennifer R. Fierro. Every Day Fiction. August 2011.

The Widow’s Tale” by J. Chris Lawrence. Every Day Fiction. October 2011.

Divestiture” by Bruce Holland Rogers. 2011. Winner of the 2012 Micro Award.

Speak” by Tawnysha Greene. PANK. February 2012.

The Prediction” by Kama Falzoi Post. SmokeLong Quarterly. June 2012.

Olfactory” by Sherman Alexie. The Stranger. October 2012.

Chew” by Venita Blackburn. SmokeLong Quarterly. June 2013.

Miss Laura’s School for Esquire Men“ by Carmen Maria Machado. Tin House, Flash Fridays. July 2013.

Sometimes We Both Fight in Wars” by Leesa Cross-Smith. SmokeLong Quarterly. September 2013. Featured in her collection Every Kiss a War. Mojave RiverMedia: 2014.

The House’s Beating Heart” by Kate Folk. Tin House, Flash Fridays. October 2013.

Driftwood” by Tai Dong Huai. Word Riot. 2013.

Flicker” by Erin Armstrong. SmokeLong Quarterly. June 2014.

The Victim“ by Jane Liddle. Every-Day Genius. July 2014.

Night Visitor” by Shirani Rajapakse. Deep Water Literary Journal. August 2014.

The Baby” by Maria Negroni. Flash Fiction International. W.W. Norton: 2015.

The Anatomy of Eve” by Amanda Miska. Lockjaw Magazine. January 2015.

How to Sit” by Tyrese Coleman. PANK. March-April 2015.

Hello” by Kathy Fish. Revolution John. July 2015.


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