Welcome to DWC 2015!

During our two-week course, we will explore the genre of flash fiction. Class topics include the genre’s history and evolution in the Internet age; fundamentals of storytelling within the word count’s constraints; and writing and revision best practices. Classes will include writing time, a brief lecture, and discussing flash fiction examples. We will read flash fiction pieces in class and begin the discussion using the question, quote, and comment format (i.e., you’ll share a question you had about the piece, a quote that stood out to you, and a comment of your choice).

In week one, you will write 4-5 flash fiction stories. In week two, we will workshop your favorite pieces with an eye toward revising and publishing them. On the last day, we will hold our own literary reading in which you will read a piece that you wrote during the class

Week One

June 29 – Introduction to the class. Defining flash fiction.

June 30 – Defining the creative process. Introduction to storytelling.

July 1 –Developing the story. Guest speaker: The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review Founding Editor Rae Bryant.

July 2 –Developing meaning part 1. Guest speaker: Every Day Fiction Managing Editor Camille Gooderham Campbell

July 3 – Developing meaning part 2. Sign up for workshop time slots. Watch “Wit.”

Week Two

July 6 – Revising. Workshop. Guest speaker: Speculative flash writer Tara Campbell.

July 7 –Questioning the text. Workshop.

July 8 – Workshop. Guest speaker: Split Lip Magazine Editor-in-Chief Amanda Miska.

July 9 – Publishing. Literary reading best practices. Workshop.

July 10 – Flash Fiction Course Literary Reading.


places for you to post your writing

There are lots of places where young writers can post their writing and receive constructive feedback. Here are a few!

This is my old stomping ground. This website has a strong focus on community and on constructive feedback. For those in New England, they also host events like workshops, readings, and poetry slams. My personal favorite writing organization (and not just because I’ve been working with them since I was 12).

Similar to YWP, but has always been national (YWP was Vermont specific for a while and only recently decided to go national).

My favorite storytelling website. An online art and storytelling project, this website is less focused on criticism and more on collaboration and sharing.


Every Day Fiction